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“Not even death can dismay me fixed in the certainty of love unchanging. I feel utterly secure in you; I am a part of you. Elizabeth.“

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, December 24. 1984)

“I am overjoyed you love me, for I love you very, very, much – as I have said and written, in a different way, more than anybody so far.”

(Letter from Jens Soering to Elizabeth Haysom, January 20, 1985)

“My dearest Jens – I love you very much, I believe I could make you very happy – much happier than you are now. A more peaceful, permanent universal happiness instead of the kowtowing of blind devotion, which can only be temporary.”

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, April 18. 1985)

“My dearest darling, I love you very much. I know now more than ever how much I need you, how much I love you, how incredibly important you are to my life. I cannot conceive of life without you. I’m stalling, I’m scared because I believe you love me, and I believe we have a fabulous relationship? I don’t want it to change. Elizabeth“

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, August 3, 1985)

“My dearest Jens, Have you forgiven me yet? I’ve grown up lots! I love you. Oh, I want to hug you with my thighs. By the way, sweetie, it doesn’t matter what I plead. We absolutely have to get bail for you. I’m sure we can. You are devoted to me. You won’t leave me to take the rap alone. I love you! My heard is bursting for you!“

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, Mai 28, 1986)

“I love you more than you know and I am with you often in thought – I love you so much, my poor, sweet little girl. Don’t forget it, either. I am looking forward so much to seeing you again. I love you so very, very much.
Forever yours, Jens”

(Letter from Jens Soering to Elizabeth Haysom, June 5, 1986)

“My darling Jens! I love you so much, I’ve been thinking what you will look like in uniform – sexy devil! If I write you another dirty letter the officer will raid an eyebrow. Whatever happened to that dirty letter you promised me? The bits you send me tease my juices. A fingertip back scratch, shipping down my spine, over my cheeks, between my lips. Oh, oh I’ve parted! My God! You are an absolute darling. I can’t believe I was so silly. I don’t deserve you. Elizabeth“

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, May 28, 1986)

“I find my future, as bleak as it is, not completely hopeless. It seems my ability to make something good out of something bad – if I indeed have such an ability – will be tested very, very hard. But succeed I shall, by gum, and I wish and hope for the same for you. I love you so very much. Hugs and kisses and always yours, Jens“

(Letter from Jens Soering to Elizabeth Haysom, June 9. 1986)

“Thank you for the sweet nothings you whispered in my ear outside the courtroom. It was a very, very sweet effort and, I finally realize, a “nothing”. If you know more than I do – good. Otherwise, I will not be keeping my self aloft with false hopes. It seems I am surviving without them anyway, but I do appreciate and love you giving what little could be given a little hope in such a desperate situation. You are a wonderful person.“

(Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, June 14, 1986)

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